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The realization of the SDGs is essential to mankind and the SDGs are also of paramount importance to realizing the top-priority goals of the European Agenda. As a demand-driven organization, we are supporting our Advocates & Partners with the identification of specific needs and allow them to bring in their technology & business know-how.


Through our climate action-related webinars, events, and networking programs, we help to create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges on the path to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Theresa Stewart Director China Storymaker GmbH

“EUTECH´s China Alliance has been a great opportunity for us to connect with other companies in who are already doing business in China or are hoping to do so. With ongoing travel restrictions, this has been an invaluable opportunity for networking, business and professional development..”

Susanne Kiki Israelsson Founder NEWaste

"To be a part of EU Tech gives us at NEWaste the possibility to meet people, be on top of the technical development globally and receive support from others within the network. We also join events that is arranged by EU tech to find new cooperation’s around the world, new knowledges and challenging projects.!"

Merlijn Poolman CEO of GTC - Gateway to China

“In the summer of 2021 I joined the EU Tech Chamber and I am truly happy that I did. From this moment on I became connected to people that I would have never met otherwise and it even gave me a new real personal friendship apart from the growth in business. These people, the network and the online meetings really pushed my ambitions forward and motivated me to keep on pushing after a very difficult 2020. I am looking forward to what will be coming out of this fruitful start and would like to invite everyone that aims to dive in China for the long-term to join this amazing network!”


“The China Alliance team lead by Judith Yong delivers a great knowledge and experience exchange via excellent webinars and panel discussions on all important perspectives for companies moving into the China market with their people, products, marketing and sales operations and also with their production. The experts engaged in the Alliance, many with direct and long-term China business and personal experience, share and build up new knowledge about how business, people, culture and ecosystems are working in China and how important this knowledge and experience is, when companies want to move to China to create and develop business in this vast market with all its complexities, dynamics and potentials. EUTECH is a key enabler to onramp and accompany enterprises on their journey into China and this capability is driving the agenda of exploration, informational discussions, knowledge sharing and guidance forward."

Jörg Bartel Independent Consultant, ex IBM

“The China Alliance of the EU Tech Chamber focuses on tech development and trade between the EU and China. With this mission, it offers many opportunities for everyone from getting informed, starting to network and getting ready for business. What impressed me the most is the high expert and experience level of its members and the hands-on support of the EU Tech Chamber team. All this makes it easier to get engaged in the complex environment between the EU and China. As a marketing agency, we are happy to support especially Chinese companies to make their first steps in a diverse Europe successfully."

Mike Köppe Mindbank AI

'We've worked with EU Tech Chamber under the China Alliance Group led by Federico even before the platform was established. After the platform is launched it still remained as one of the most active online conference platforms we've worked with. We also had a few good contacts through the Investment Chapter, Advanced Manufacturing Chapter. They have good access to important people in China, and can bring good visibility, connections, to companies seeking networks, marketing and quality online events. ''

Wendy Cheng Partner, V.P. Hermia Business Development Ltd


Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!


APAC Alliance

APAC Alliance supports successful market access & business development, deploys European and Asian companies to foster long-lasting and value-adding partnerships among businesses and technology.

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