About Us

APAC Alliance

EUTECH´s APAC Alliance strengthens trade relations mainly between APAC and Europe, matching innovation and technology from both territories.


Who We Are

APAC Alliance provides many opportunities for its members to network and develop business connections via our digital platform and business expansion programs. We support and enable European companies to become more competitive that will allow them to achieve their growth objectives in APAC market.


Our goal is to bridge Europe and APAC in economical, technological and cultural ways, fostering cooperation and support between both regions, facilitating a great friendship and partnership between Europe and Asia Pacific.

What We Do

We provide regular monthly digital events and activities related to trends and business networking opportunities, providing our member with technology related insights, provide marketing and promotional opportunities in our digital platform, create awareness for the innovation technologies and helping to increate business collaboration opportunities in APAC region.

Support Team

IT Support Engineer – EUTECH
kashif APAC
IT Support Specialist – EUTECH
Ingrid-Lurtz APAC

Ingrid Lurtz

General Secretariat – Munich Office

Our Supporters

Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!